The purpose of the Birkenhead & Tranmere Neighbourhood Planning Forum (BATNPF), as set out in its constitution, “is to promote or improve the social, economic and environmental well-being of the Birkenhead & Tranmere area.”

BATNPF emerged from an earlier community development group of local residents in Birkenhead, namely “These Streets are Our Streets” (TSAOS), formed in 2011.  TSAOS aims to improve neighbourhoods by collective action to find solutions to problems of community, environment, education, training, leisure and young people’s activities.

TSAOS continues to meet monthly to deliver community projects and events whilst building connections with other community groups and services.

During 2014 members of TSAOS considered whether the opportunity to prepare a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) would be useful in helping to address issues of concern to local residents.  Members agreed that this should be pursued and organised a public meeting to be held on 7 November 2014.  At this meeting 22 residents signed up as members, thus forming the initial membership of BATNPF, which became formally constituted at its inaugural meeting on 8 December 2014.

Members of BATNPF are also actively involved with other local groups, including Wirral History and Heritage Group, These Streets Are Our Streets, Friends of The Williamson and Birkenhead Priory, Lairdside Communities Together, St Catherine’s Centre, and Friends of Hamilton Square Conservation Area.

Prior to the inauguration of BATNPF, 3000 leaflets were distributed to businesses and homes across the Birkenhead & Tranmere Ward.  BATNPF has developed a dedicated website to promote itself;  as a platform to support the formal NDP consultations, and to continue to encourage the involvement of local people.

We would like more people to get involved.  Please roam freely through our website pages and get involved with the conversations online and at forthcoming meetings.