The Forum is governed by a Management Committee, elected at each annual general meeting by other members of the Forum.

We welcome members from a variety of backgrounds.

The role of the Management Committee is to:

  • Pursue the forum’s objectives;
  • Promote sustainable development, environmental improvement and the conservation of identified heritage assets through research, education and practical collaboration at a strategic level with the governing structure of bodies;
  • Apply for, invite and receive voluntary financial contributions, charitable funds and public grants in order to further pursue the Forum’s objectives;
  • Promote the work of the Forum by organising meetings, training, consultations and any other events or initiatives required;
  • Employ staff or volunteers when required;
  • Take all forms of action that are lawful and necessary in pursuit of the Forum’s object.

The Management Committee currently comprises:

  • Philip Barton (Honorary Chair)
  • Jane Rivington (Honorary Secretary)
  • Richard Fassam (Honorary Treasurer)
  • Jim Cadwallader (Chair, History and Heritage Workgroup)