***Please note that this consultation is now closed***

The Council will consult for 6 weeks, starting Wednesday 20 May 2015, about 1) the designation of the BATNPF area, and 2) the formal designation of BATNPF itself as a “qualifying body” to produce a neighbourhood plan.

This consultation is required by the national regulations that govern neighbourhood planning and will not affect the content of the plan in any way.

Following the conclusion of this consultation, the Council will have a further 7 weeks to make its final decision on the applications.

UPDATE (17 July 2015) –  David Ball (the Council’s Head of Regeneration and Planning) wrote to the chair of the Forum this morning, stating:  “Later today the Council will publish a report on the above matter which will be considered by the Special Cabinet meeting scheduled for 27 July 2015 at 5:30pm.  This is the last scheduled Cabinet meeting date, before the 13 week deadline date of 19 August 2015, for the Council to make a decision on this matter.”

Several consultation responses were received by the Council, to which the Forum has been given an opportunity to respond.

Consultation Letter 20.05.15