Residents of Birkenhead & Tranmere are being invited to shape the future of their area using new community rights.
The Birkenhead & Tranmere Neighbourhood Planning Forum has been launched to harness the views of local residents and to make the area’s first neighbourhood plan.
It is the fourth Forum to launch on Wirral, with the people of Devonshire Park (Prenton), Hoylake and Leasowe already preparing a neighbourhood plan for their own area.
Neighbourhood Planning is one of the new community rights introduced by the Government’s Localism Act of 2011. Hundreds of communities across the country are already preparing a neighbourhood plan.
Philip Barton, Chair of Birkenhead & Tranmere Neighbourhood Planning Forum said: “Neighbourhood planning gives small communities the opportunity to become masters of their own destiny.
“Our neighbourhood plan will be an important and influential policy document which will tackle serious issues that affect everyone who lives or works in the area – housing, heritage, shopping, tourism and jobs.
“We want to hear from everyone who lives or works in Birkenhead & Tranmere and capture their views on important issues that impact on the future of our area.
“Our aim is to produce a policy framework for our area within which families, community groups and businesses can invest with confidence and, together, create a viable and sustainable future for us all.
“This is our community’s chance to help shape the neighbourhood for the better.”
Later this year and into 2016, the Forum will conduct a public consultation to find out what people think needs to change and what needs to be protected. The neighbourhood plan will reflect priorities shared by the majority of people.
Membership is free and dozens of people have already signed up as members of the Forum, which has its own website.
Register today at or call 0151 666 2938 for further information.