A draft neighbourhood plan for a housing estate close to the London 2012 Olympic Park earmarked for major regeneration contains proposals to enforce a ballot of residents before the demolition of homes on the estate is approved.

Plans to regenerate the 1960s-built Carpenters Estate have been under consideration since 2000.

Although negotiations with University College London over a campus on the estate fell through in 2013, the mayor of the London Borough of Newham Sir Robin Wales last year approved procurement of partners to lead a regeneration programme, including 3,000 new homes.

But now, the Greater Carpenters Neighbourhood Forum, which consists of more than 100 people who live and work in the area, has published a draft neighbourhood plan.

In a statement, the forum said the document “unashamedly sets out policies to support the community of the Carpenters Estate, who have lived with the threat of demolition for years”.

It includes measures to enforce a ballot of residents before demolition of homes is approved.

If adopted by the London Legacy Development Corporation, which is the planning authority for the area, this would become part of planning policy.

The draft document says development that contributes to refurbishment will be “particularly welcomed”.

It sets a target of 500 new homes, and says this will be achieved through “sensitive infill”.

“Any development that proposes demolition of existing housing will require a comprehensive, independent analysis of environmental costs (including embodied carbon), social costs and economic costs of all proposed options and a ballot of all residents, whether tenants, leaseholders or freeholders,” it says.

Newham Council has been contacted for comment.

Source: Greg Pitcher, Planning Resource, 21 November 2017

Local Comment:  This proposed neighbourhood plan policy is one to watch.  Would a similar policy help to prevent further wholesale residential clearances within the Birkenhead & Tranmere Neighbourhood Area? – Philip Barton