Residents of Birkenhead & Tranmere Ward are being urged to voice their concerns about proposals for sub-standard housing.

The Government’s Nationally Described Minimum Space Standards require permanent homes to have no less than 37 square metres of floorspace.

Over the past year or so the Forum has been notified about two planning applications that proposed a flat (21 Clifton Road) and two bungalows (Caerwys Grove) that would have been below this absolute minimum space standard.

Furthermore, in all cases, they have proposed that more than one person – even children – would live in homes that the Government considers would be suitable only for single person occupation.

What is of particular concern is that the most recent application of this type is being put forward by a social housing provider – One Vision Housing.

You can view the plans for this proposal here.

The Forum’s planning applications workgroup has objected to these applications and, thankfully, so far Wirral Council has refused to grant planning permission for them.

If you share the Forum’s concern about how developers are trying to force people to live in substandard conditions, please raise your concerns with one of our Ward Councillors (Pat Cleary, Phil Davies or Jean Stapleton) and/or write a letter of objection to the Council.

Residents of Birkenhead & Tranmere Ward have a right to expect good living conditions and any proposal to build ‘beds in sheds’ will be fiercely resisted.

Source: Philip Barton, 3 February 2018